Fitter Copywriting offers comprehensive B2B and B2C Copywriting expertise for marketing departments

and businesses in a broad range of industries:


Commercial Aviation | Travel and Tourism | Education | Healthcare | Non-Profits | Alternative Health & Wellness | Self-help | Food & Entertainment | Fashion & Style | Publishing | Eco-Business | Retail | Professional Services

With millions of marketing messages projected at us each day in the dynamic and complex world of digital and print advertising, bland statements about who you are and what you do won’t cut it.  A strategically crafted marketing message can be the most powerful tool to attract, engage and convert customers.


Let’s face it, today’s potential buyer is flooded with information, constantly distracted and is often finding advice and making decisions through engaging, relevant content they trust. .


Fitter Copywriting applies a  3-Tier approach to all marketing communication and copywriting to enable you to reach today’s busy buyers: Attract, Engage & Motivate.


ATTRACT  attention by focusing on your customer’s desires and challenges. How can we make their lives simpler, better or more interesting? Addressing issues they care about is the first step getting and keeping their attention.


ENGAGE  buyers and your community by educating them on their interests and discuss solutions for their challenges to show your value. Develop trust and credibility by offering a positive and personal customer experience to drive a demand for your solutions.


MOTIVATE  and INSPIRE the customer to want to do business with you.  Use your message and words to build confidence and trust which will motivate the prospect to take action. Always guide them to the next step to connect with you.


Copywriting Services:

Website Content Development

Content Marketing & Strategy

Advertising Copy



Sales & Marketing Materials



Social Media Posts

Direct Mail Pieces

White Papers

Case Studies

Corporate Communications


Editing & Proofreading





I specialize in translating your subject matter expertise and ideas into high-value content that persuades and sells. Let’s craft your story together.


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Anna Fitter

As a Communications and Marketing specialist with a multi-cultural background in Asia and Europe, Anna has consulted and written a variety of communication materials for multi-national firms as well as start-ups and local businesses.


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