Content Marketing

“Are you trying to take a stand or bring some change in the world?

Or are you just trying to sell something?”

Your success directly depends on the relationships you build with others. The right message and relevant content helps to amplify your online presence and helps tell your story, your way.


Content may still be King, but I believe in creating a lasting value for brands and enterpreneurs, rather than disposable digital marketing.  Along with crafting of interesting and authority enhancing content for your online community, I help you become an “Engager”-someone who develops a strong relationship with their audience. Our end goal is  to build community, engage and influence them, develop business, and  ultimately strengthen your knowledge of your audience and build a more meaninful relationship and rapport with them. A relationship is, after all, built on sharing, listening and trust.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Relationship Marketing all go hand-in-hand. Although SEO helps with your ranking and to construct a strategic sitemap (technical stuff),  it demands fresh content, articles, blogs - substance. The practical application of SEO is the very substance of Content Marketing.


In the past, good Content Marketers paid a lot of attention to keywords to improve their rankings—researching them, utilizing them, employing them strategically in copy. SEO also requires linkbacks, and we now find the best way to build those links is by Content Marketing-publishing great, share-worthy content that your audience can link back to and start building their interest and trust in you.


But our goal is not just to gain a following. Once connected it is crucial to start engaging them by listening to what they have to say, encourage conversation and pay attention to your audience feedback. That’s when they do business with you, and recommend you to others. You have won a loyal customer simply by turning your focus to them.


In a nutshell, SEO will bring them to you, Content Marketing will give them what they are interested in and Relationship Marketing will keep them there.


 Fitter Copywriting helps you develop a Content Strategy that will:

• Solidify your brand image

• Define your target audience and understand the customer

• Build great content with Blogs, Articles and Social Media Posts

• Select the right channels for distribution of content

• Create an editorial calendar


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Anna Fitter

As a Communications and Marketing specialist with a multi-cultural background in Asia and Europe, Anna has consulted and written a variety of communication materials for multi-national firms as well as start-ups and local businesses.


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