Brand Development

“Be yourself - Everyone else is already taken”

-Oscar Wilde

Your brand is your story. Whether your brand is at its infancy or it already exists in the marketplace, understanding it well and defining who you are is crucial.


 A well-crafted brand message is more than a logo, tagline or mission statement. It takes a powerful and clear brand message to make an impact, attract attention and evoke an emotion in your target audience. A strong brand will succeed in telling your unique story and relaying what you stand for and how you will deliver your promise.


A good understanding of your brand communications strategy will guide all your marketing efforts and help your company prosper by targeting the right audience.


Together we develop a compelling brand story and help you articulate how you are unique to position your business, product or service. Your refined brand message will speak to the logic and emotions of your prospects.


The new branding framework will explain:

• Who needs your products or services

• What problems you can solve

• What interests you can address and fulfill

• What your brand promise entails

• How you are different and unique

• What values will help you stand apart

• Why prospects should trust you


What you can expect as a deliverable: A fully articulated brand platform

• Document that contains your vision & mission, target audience, positioning statement, unique selling/value proposition (USP), differentiating attributes, brand persona, tone and style of communication, elevator pitch.

• Buyer persona outlines to provide a better understanding of your ideal clients and what content and information they may want and need from you.

• Revised branded text for your website (Home, About, Services and Landing Page)

• Revised text for rack card or brochures.


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Anna Fitter

As a Communications and Marketing specialist with a multi-cultural background in Asia and Europe, Anna has consulted and written a variety of communication materials for multi-national firms as well as start-ups and local businesses.


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